About me

Have a nice day,

My name is Marie Drkulová. From childhood I was led to music. I grew up in this environment and participated in various projects since childhood. Later on the piano was added violin and singing, but I don't pay much attention to it anymore.In June, after 6 years, I graduated from the Conservatory of P. J. Vejvanovský in Kroměříž. Although there is a study of classical music, I have always enjoyed pop, jazz.

I expanded my experience with every project I could go through. I cooperated with various musicians, singers, but also with actor Jiří Barton and brass dance band from Zlín.

We also organized thematic concerts with the bands or we performed at various events, whether in restaurants or public concerts.

A few years ago I set up a service

"Music for the wedding ceremony '' when I play the newlyweds under the wedding ceremony, but also for a LP.

On Fridays I always went to the Matiné restaurant where I played people and created the right Friday atmosphere.

It has long been my dream to play on the boat and making these memorable experiences to passengers, as in the childhood the musicians on the ship have influenced me. This dream I met on the ship MS Color Fantasia in Norway from October to December 2019. From the beginning of the year 2020 I play in a 4-star hotel in Austria. Since March 2020 I teach privately in Prague.

Finally, I would like to write that I know how music enriches me and my life and surroundings, how people meet together and enjoy these moments. I would like to create this atmosphere just for you.