Piano in Restaurant

Do you have unused piano in restaurant? Or would you like a pleasant atmospehere for your guests and enliven it with music?
In both cases I will be happy to help you!
During my studies at the conservatory, I gained a lotmof experience in the local Kromeriz restaurant "Matine" in 4 years.
Then we continued in Vsetin with a friend of the singer in the local cafe and hotel "Magistr". 
Abroad on the ship and at the hotel, I always played for guests in the restaurant for dinner, or after dinner to the right atmosphere.
I took a lot of experience from both places and always a richer playlist.
I'll be happy to adapt the repertoire to your company, it can consist of light jazz, pop, evergreens, but also classical music.
I have a playlist for 3-4 hours of playling. If you are interested, I'll be happy to send it to you.

If you would rather enrich the atmosphere with singing, you can find more information here: