Piano Lessons

I started teaching piano since my graduation at music school Zdounky. 
I had a great role model in my mother, who is also a piano teacher. Thanks to her, my sister and I grew up in a musical environment and gained such a great love of music. This is what I would like to pass on to you or your children.

I teach privately too. I work  with everyone according to the personal requirements or wishes of each pupil. I understand that some would like to play only songs from the hymnal and some would like to wade into classical music or other musical genres. Everyone's diversity amuses me and I'm happy to meet you. I also practise teaching in English.

Personal Education

I am teaching privately in Prague now, but I am not resisting the work of a piano teacher abroad. My experience is that state music schools as well as private classes.


Piano Lesson (60min.)                                                                                                                           500 Kč

Piano Lesson (90min.)                                                                                                                           700 Kč

Piano Lesson (45min.)                                                                                                                           350 Kč

Teaching Online

The coronavirus age moved us all to the online world, so I saw my pupils mostly through Whatsapp or Zoom. I still practise with some of them today and most of the time it's almost a full hour. Each side has a piano, and when I need it, I'm happy to show you everything on my piano. I can also send a video to let you practice. Whatever your reason (distance, illness, or less complicated and time-consuming for you), I'll be happy to contact you on this journey.


Piano Lesson (60min)                                                                                                                      350 Kč

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