Piano + singers

Lucy Krupikova

Lucy is a former student of the Kroměříž Conservatory. Her studies are now continuing at the Zlín Private Higher Vocational School of Art. She has performed at various school performances and you can also hear Lucka and me at various private events or in cafes. Lucka and I can also play for lunch or afternoon sitting, whether at a wedding or for any other occasion.
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Patrik is a student of the Prague Conservatory for the fourth year. He studies under the guidance of singer Lída Nopová and actresses Dana Morávková and Ivana Mikulčíková. He was a soloist with the Václav Hybš Orchestra, performing in the musical The Witch, or in the Municipal Theaters of Prague. He is also involved in dubbing and acting. Together with Patrik we organize Christmas concerts, or you can hear us at the chanson concerts "Hapka is alive!"

Markéta started singing from the second grade at SZUŠ D-Music in Kroměříž. In the meantime, she tried a lot of musical instruments, but none of them filled her as much as singing. During her studies at the secondary school, she also enriched the choir of the Secondary Pedagogical School in Kroměříž with her velvet alto. Now she has started a theatrical production at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts. 
Kateřina Naučová comes from a musical family, and musical genes are not denied in it. Since childhood, she has been a part of music projects and various concerts. He also plays the piano great. She is currently studying (already as a high school student) at the Secondary Pedagogical School in Kroměříž, where she is part of the choir and often also its soloist. You can also meet her in the Zdounečanka wind orchestra. She would like to continue to devote herself to music and singing as part of her university studies.