Piano + violin

The violin is a popular instrument at a wedding ceremony. Accompanied by a piano, it always sounds very romantic and nice. Not only slow songs are nice on this musical instrument. In the second half of the ceremony, I'm sure there can be more rhythmic songs to get your wedding going.

If my friend Sabina, who usually rides with mehas a free term, you can combine violin and singing. This is especially true for church ceremonies, where singing is necessary. 


Sabina Koplova
Sabina is a violin student at Conservatory P.J.Vejvanovsky. You can also hear her playing and singing with the band Soaré, which plays at various social events in the Zlin region.  For any interest in a live band for the evening, you can check out this band's website:

Musical Sample: 

Lucie Skopalova
Lucy is an alumnus in Brno and is currently fully engaged in violin playling in a professional orchestra. She extended her education to foreign internships in Austria and also completed a number of music courses. She also enjoys chamber play and improvisation.