Wedding Lunch Music


Even a single piano can create a romantic atmosphere. In addition, you can find a piano in more than one restaurant in which you are supposed to feel luxurious. In the playlist you will find the most famous evergreens, romantic pop songs and a little bit of jazz. 

Piano + Saxophone

A wonderful and pleasant combination of two musical instruments of love, romance and passion - saxophone and piano. We choose the repertoire sensitively with regard to the atmosphere, we can fill both chamber and large outdoor spaces with music. And if you desire romance with more lively melodies, there's no problem either. We play everything you want!

Lucy and Mary

We will be happy to make your wedding afternoon with piano and singing in our duo. As with the previous options, we choose the playlist together so that we can only underline the atmosphere in your place, or, after lunch, start cutting the cake a little. If you prefer a sung lyric to just a melody, you will surely be satisfied with this possibility. 

If you cannot choose, we will gladly offer you piano + singing + saxophone together. :) The piano takes care of the accompaniment, singing about the lyrics and melody, and the saxophone always colours it beautifully. 

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