Work on the ship

The route I took was Oslo-Kiel. The ship always arrived at the port of the city at 10:00 and sailed back at 14:00. In the meantime, I could visit the city.The ship was for 2750 passengers. You could visit the theater, casino, various restaurants, bars and shops.When I first went on the ship, I had to get an employee card as an employee. Then I boarded the ship, where I waited for my manager to pick me up, show me everything, give me a plan and in 2 hours I could start playing. I played daily at 3 venues, on the top floor, in the Cosmopolitan bar and at dinners, which were twice after 2 hours. So a total of 6x45 minutes per day. I didn't have a single day off on the ship. But because you still sail and the guests keep changing, it doesn't matter so much.Then probably the main accommodation and food. I had my own cabin and bathroom, and it was big enough to practice yoga, so that was enough. 😊I was without a window and it bothered me just when I woke up, when even at 11 o'clock it looked like it was night.They cooked well here and there was always something to eat. When I didn't like something, he was sure of a ceasar salad, for which the ingredients were always prepared.There was also fruit and various desserts and nutella, which I almost ate. 🙈🍩 There were nice staff everywhere, who take turns here after 14 days.
The employees were from different parts of the world, from Colombians, Portuguese Bulgarians, etc. to the locals. Some moved to Norway in this way, others fly from London every 14 days.Since I had the whole morning off and that was the only time we didn't sail, I liked going to the city. Not everyone can, at least not always.
I could also go to the gym, or go to concerts or the theater. Managers took turns with me, but if they didn't need something, I didn't see them all the time. They were both very nice and always helped me with everything. The last thing that strikes me is seasickness. Fortunately, I didn't meet here, there probably isn't much chance, because the ship is big. But a few evenings when the wind was blowing more and we were quite swinging we also experienced. The first of them was not completely calm. Watching the hangers in the closet go stupid like on a swing ... Fortunately, it's quite sudden.When we talked more about what it gave me, you mainly have a lot of time for everything you don't have time for at home. I read the books a year in advance, I also expanded the playlist, because you just don't like to play the same thing all the time, etc., you meet new people and even though it's a stereotype, especially in the middle of the crisis ... So you do what you having fun, not stressing anything, you still meet different people and especially different views of the world. Traveling for everyone is simply normal, it's still going to the gym at ten in the evening. You will also get to know new places and you have paid a lot for that. 🎹