Working at a hotel in Austria 2021


This year, a similar scenario was repeated as last year. About a week before Mr. Braun called me, I was handing over the accounts. Even though everything was there and should have been fine, I wondered if something was wrong somewhere when a number from Austria called me. He always caught me driving and not always heard best. To the question: "Can you come here?" of course I answered yes, glad! but when? he replied to me again: "Next Wednesday!" ... I was a little more surprised. But I managed to arrange everything and in a week, I finally left again on Friday.

It was another month and a half. Already last year, the hotel had a great charm, but this time it was still renovated and much nicer and more charming!

The biggest surprise for me was the beautiful Steinway by the window, where there was a beautiful sunset and sunlit mountains almost every evening.

The mountains had a completely different charm, I could go hiking, or use roller skates or a bike. I got to know a lot of nice bike paths or hikes around the hotel. I think the photos speak for themselves. :)

Mostly only local staff remained, the rest changed a lot. But there are a lot of Slovaks and a few Czechs working here, so there is no shortage of coincidences. I met sisters who came from Slovakia on their first day by the lake. Another friend, Anička, came to work at our hotel. The only problem was that they only had one day off a week, unlike me, who had time off every day until the evening.

We took advantage of this at least once and Anička and I went to Innsbruck and then to the Schwarovski Crystal Worlds. The whole complex was perfect down to the last detail and I highly recommend visiting everyone! :)

Other places "the best" include my favorite Fussen. I was a little scared because of the tests and covid rules, but in the end no one had solved it yet. I spent my birthday here and then the last one before leaving back to the Czech Republic. The castle is always a must: D and then I managed to catch up with Lechfall, the lake and horseback riding. I wanted to manage it both in the mountains and on the beach ... I finally succeeded this year and so I was able to cross out two points on my Bucket list. :)

And what an adventure without complications. The main thing occurred when I went to see my sister, who was at the Rhine Falls in Switzerland at the time. About an hour and a half from the hotel and about 40 minutes from Switzerland, my car suddenly stopped driving on the highway and the red traffic light started flashing. So first I found out what it might be about, then she came to terms with the fact that we wouldn't see each other again after a few months, and finally at least came off the highway.

The problem was also that it was Sunday and all services and shops were uncompromisingly closed. I asked a gentleman who was standing by a store if he would help me, but even though he tried, he didn't think of anything.

So I went on the way back on the side roads (yes, it wasn't until later that I realized that I didn't always have a signal and if my car stopped driving completely, I could just walk ..).

Fortunately, I drove slowly to the hotel and then just prayed that I would fix the car.

The next day I got a car service about 10 km from the hotel. After a long investigation, they told me that it would be a repair for about 6,000 CZK, that the glow plug and something related to it had stopped working. Everything looked promising. The next weekend we had a trip to Switzerland planned for our sister and her au-pair family, so it looked like a happy ending.

But the reality was soon different. The service station told me instead of the repaired car that they could not repair it, that my control unit had broken down and that the nearest service center where they could repair it was about 70 km from us. That was unrealistic because I could barely reach the hotel. There is a teardrop period. I would call it a week of mourning for my first car. : D

Without a car, in the mountains, far and wide, almost nothing. It couldn't be done for a long time, especially not when I sometimes turned it over to the Czech Republic.

Fortunately, we soon found a new one, for good money and according to the idea, so it was possible to start planning how to bring it to me and at the same time take away the old one.

A friend rented a tow truck on which he loaded a new car and was finally able to follow me. I was happy, great! Mainly because I won't stay there with my Citroen.

It looks a bit more like a travel blog than a job blog, but here everything went beautifully together. I worked from 7 pm to 11 pm.

The guests at the hotel were diverse. From young families to the elderly who enjoyed their free time in the mountains. As always, I liked to play them on request (to German folk music), we even managed to put the child to sleep at the piano ....

It was a very nice time spent after the endless covid of autumn and spring, and also the attunement to summer, which was in a similar spirit :)