Working at a hotel in Austria

The departure to this hotel was again a bit wild. On January 8, 2020, we flew in from the USA and on the weekend in Kroměříž, where we celebrated my mother's birthday, the manager wrote me that I could leave on Monday. After thinking for a while and wondering if the car could handle it, I set off.The hotel was 4 star, surrounded by mountains and with family tradition and atmosphere. Colleagues included Slovaks, Hungarians, Italians, but also Czechs. I could visit the wellness and fitness. Both were very nicely done and I liked to come here. There was always something good in the kitchen again, and except for a few surprises, for which they are able to put cabbage, they cooked it quite well.Working conditions were milder than on the ship. I worked 5 days a week at 4.5am in the evening for dinner. Mostly after dinner, the guests sat closer to the piano and played games, drank a glass, or I had some singers here. Even one evening, the gentleman who played the saxophone came and had it with him at the hotel. The more songs on request, the more I enjoyed working here. :)
My friend Lucka and I also visited the "Cruise Job Fair" in Munich during my stay. There were various cruise ship companies here and such a great place to make more contacts. You will bring a CV with you and then you will find out what the options are at each stand, or you will exchange a contact, where you will then send all the information. It was definitely an interesting experience.
Thanks to my working hours, I had the opportunity to travel around enough. Nearby cities like Fussen, Reutte or Innsbruck are definitely worth a visit. In addition, they built the "Highline179" bridge near Reutte, which is quite an adrenaline attraction. The conditions for skiing were at what time of year I was not always the best here, but I still managed to catch a lot of slopes. As employees, we either had a discount on nearby slopes, or we could use them for free at certain times. But what I enjoyed the most was the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. A separate trip up is also a big attraction.
I liked working at the hotel, mainly because I had the opportunity to drive around Prague. The surroundings were beautiful, there was only one shop and I had to go 30 km to a proper drugstore. Even pharmacies weren't really here. You can get eye drops from your local doctor. If I still get the opportunity, I would like to return to this place sometime. :)