Have a nice day,

my name is Marie Drkulová. I was led to music from childhood and it is still a part of me today.

I grew up in a musical environment and participated in various projects since childhood. I gradually added violin and singing to the piano, but I don't devote much time to that anymore.

In 2019, I finished my studies at the P.J. Vejvanovský Conservatory in Kroměříž. Although the study here is focused on classical piano, I always enjoyed pop or jazz more.

I gathered and expanded my experience in every project I could go through. I collaborated with various musicians, singers, but also with, for example, the actor Jiří Bartoně, or with the brass orchestra "Dance Bande" from Zlín.

We also organized various concerts with bands, or performed at various events, either in restaurants or at public concerts.

In addition to this experience, I also gained teaching experience at the Zdounky Primary School, teaching piano or accompanying all musical instruments. At ZUŠ Kroměříž, I again gained experience as an accompanist in the field of dance. Later, I started teaching the little ones privately, but also adults.

Thanks to the demand for music for the wedding ceremony, I founded the service "Music for the wedding ceremony". I am gradually expanding this to include playing at lunch and also throughout the Czech Republic. I also try to involve as many great musicians as possible in this service and thus ensure a greater musical selection for you.

After my studies, I went to Norway for a month and a half on a ship to make the atmosphere pleasant with music at dinner or during the day in a bar. I then continued to Austria to a 4* hotel, where I played for guests for dinner or during the evening sitting for five months.

In 2022, I played for 3 months on the cruise ship MSC Opera in the Mediterranean to entertain guests in a bar or cafe. In 2023 I was again on the Colorline ship and worked in a classic duo on the Ambassador Ambience ship.

In recent years, I have also been collaborating more and more with Patrik Možíš. In the repertoire with the whole band we have the chanson concert "Hapka žieve!", or Christmas concerts with a 10-member band, for which we also recorded a Christmas CD.

In conclusion, I would like to write to you my realization that the only thing that united all the people in the different places I visited was music. I have never realized this before, as I did abroad.

People not only have a good time listening to music, but also reminisce and experience good times in a pleasant atmosphere.

Create a nice atmosphere at your place too!