Corporate and social events

Are you organizing a company party or a social event and want the atmosphere to be luxurious?

Underline your evening or your event with piano tones!

Let well-known and lesser-known tunes be played and thus underline the uniqueness of your event.

I will be happy to adapt the repertoire for you. It can consist of light jazz, pop, evergreens, but also classical music.

I have a playlist for 4 hours of pure time. If you are interested, I will be happy to send it to you.

If you would like to supplement your program with singing, I would like to offer you our duo:

Not only singing, but also another musical instrument can impress. Allow your guests or corporate partners to take away a real experience from your event. I will be happy to arrange a saxophone, violin or cello for you to accompany the piano.

Do you have more space and longer time to entertain your guests? Then be sure to check out our concert offer:

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